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Our Van It Packaging waste clearance services start from just £50, and it’s cheaper than a skip.

OMS Packaging waste Clearance

You pile up your stuff outside. We load your Packaging waste and take it away.

Packaging waste Clearance Services East Sussex

We deliver the skip. You fill it up with Packaging waste. We take it away.

Sussex Packaging waste Clearance

Fill your bin bags with Packaging waste. We collect them and take them away.


Trusted, cost-efficient, and reliable Packaging waste Clearance service.

Packaging waste Clearance

OMS supports our business with Packaging waste Clearance on a national scale.

Packaging waste Clearance East Sussex

Highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable Packaging waste Clearance service.

Packaging waste Rubbish Clearances and Collections

Packaging waste Clearance

Packaging waste, the part of the waste that consists of packaging and packaging material, is a major part of the total global waste, and the major part of the packaging waste consists of single-use plastic food packaging, a hallmark of throwaway culture. Notable examples for which the need for regulation was recognized early, are “containers of liquids for human consumption”, i.e. plastic bottles and the like. In Europe, the Germans top the list of packaging waste producers with more than 220 kilos of packaging per capita.

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Packaging waste Clearance

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You pile up your Packaging waste outside. We load it and take it away.

From Just £50

Van It

*additional disposal fee applies