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Our Van It Mixed waste clearance services start from just £50, and it’s cheaper than a skip.

OMS Mixed waste Clearance

You pile up your stuff outside. We load your Mixed waste and take it away.

Mixed waste Clearance Services East Sussex

We deliver the skip. You fill it up with Mixed waste. We take it away.

Sussex Mixed waste Clearance

Fill your bin bags with Mixed waste. We collect them and take them away.


Trusted, cost-efficient, and reliable Mixed waste Clearance service.

Mixed waste Clearance

OMS supports our business with Mixed waste Clearance on a national scale.

Mixed waste Clearance East Sussex

Highly recommended for anyone looking for reliable Mixed waste Clearance service.

Mixed waste Rubbish Clearances and Collections

Mixed waste Clearance

Mixed waste can refer to any combination of waste types with different properties.

Typically commercial and municipal wastes are mixtures of plastics, metals, glass, biodegradable waste including paper and textiles along with other nondescript junk.

As defined by The United States Environmental Protection Agency,
Mixed Waste contains both hazardous waste (as defined by RCRA and its amendments) and radioactive waste (as defined by AEA and its amendments). It is jointly regulated by NRC or NRC’s Agreement States and EPA or EPA’s RCRA Authorized States. The fundamental and most comprehensive statutory definition is found in the Federal Facilities Compliance Act (FFCA) where Section 1004(41) was added to RCRA: “The term ‘mixed waste’ means waste that contains both hazardous waste and source, special nuclear, or byproduct material subject to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.”

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Environment Agency

Mixed waste Clearance

Why not van it?

You pile up your Mixed waste outside. We load it and take it away.

From Just £50

Van It

*additional disposal fee applies